Speaking Events

As an introvert, I never thought I’d find myself saying this. I enjoy getting up in front of an audience and sharing my knowledge and passion for technology.

To date, the topics I’ve spoken about are related to User Experience, Information Architecture and Taxonomy design. For details about the events I’ve spoken at, please see below.

If you would like to book me for a speaking event, please contact me.

October 2019 | London

Taxonomy Bootcamp London

Day 1 Keynote Speaker | Day 2 Panel Moderator

I was honoured to be asked to be this year’s day 1 keynote speaker.  The topic of my talk this year is titled – That word you keep using, I do not think you know what it means.

The talk will explore hidden meaning and context in the labels we use when designing navigation.  I really can’t wait to share it with you.

October 2018 | London

Taxonomy Bootcamp London

Invisible Architecture

As Information Architects and Taxonomists, we need to be designing experiences that nobody notices.  Our goal is to get people to the content they need, without noticing how they got there.  This talk explored what happens when we get that wrong and how we can avoid it from happening.

October 2015 | London

UCD 2015

Empathy: Science of Feeling | Co-Speaker with Bern Irizarry

This speaking event wouldn’t have been possible without Bern, as I was gluing myself back together following the death of my dad.  The talk, which was backed by copious amounts of research we carried out, explored empathy in the design industry. We sought to find out whether some people employed in different roles within the digital design industry had higher levels of empathy.

February 2015 | Bristol

World IA Day

Information Architecture Debt

When you’re designing or redesigning anything technical, the risk exists that you’ll create a layer of debt.  By understanding what the possible types of debt you can incur you can limit the risk.

This talk was a bit of a challenge, as I’d been asked to give a 20 minute talk to fill in for someone who couldn’t make it.  I then had to shorten it considerably as the previous speakers massively over-ran.  Nothing like having to think on your feet!

October 2014 | London

Interact 2014

UX Debt

Technical debt was something that had been spoken about widely prior to this.  UX debt was not something that had been considered.  I explored what happened when you designed or redesigned something centred around the user, and what lasting issues it could raise.  It was something I experienced first hand following this talk.